Hydramotor H113 Series Double Block Valve

The patent pending design of the Hydramotor incorporates a single aluminum body containing two distinct shutoff valves and one new watertight Hydramotor actuator. An optional and patent pending Posi-Prove system dynamically tests valve seal tightness and conducts a self-check automatically upon system startup.

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Hydramotor H113 Series Double Block Valve

The patent pending double block valve design of the Hydramotor H113 incorporates the following unique features:

Two shut-off valves within a single body reduces gas train length and cost.
Two independent operating shafts accomplish valve closure.
Unique flange design makes installation and maintenance easy.
Inlet screen prevents debris from obstructing valve closure and improves seal life.
Manual tester or optional Posi-Prove system verifies seat closure integrity.
Visual position indication of both valves is standard.
Standard valve construction uses silicone-free lubricants.
Wide range of pipe sizes 3/4″ through 3″.
Maximum operating pressure differential up to 25 PSI.
The new Hydramotor actuator incorporates two separate means of releasing the actuator shaft when de-energized. The actuator enclosure meets Watertight, Dusttight, Driptight and General Purpose requirements and eliminates the cost associated with stocking separate actuators.

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