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Crude oil trading

Controls Supply Chain is a globally recognized player in the intricate world of crude oil trading. With a well-established presence in the industry, we operate at the heart of the global energy market, facilitating the movement of crude oil to our network. Our expertise lies in managing the complex supply chain logistics inherent to the oil industry.

At the core of our operations is the ability to source crude oil from diverse suppliers, including oil-producing nations and private companies. This network of reliable sources ensures a steady supply of crude oil, which is crucial for meeting the energy demands of various regions and industries.

Controls Supply Chain’s global reach extends to the trading of crude oil on international markets. We engage in both physical and paper trading, allowing us to effectively manage risk and maximize opportunities in the volatile oil market. Our team of experienced traders and analysts are adept at monitoring market trends and making informed decisions to optimize our trading activities.


Exceeding expectations

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We adhere to stringent environmental standards and invest in technologies that enhance the efficiency of the supply chain while reducing emissions and waste.

In conclusion, Controls Supply Chain is a vital player in the global crude oil trade. Our extensive network, market expertise, and commitment to sustainability make us a trusted partner in the energy industry, ensuring a stable and efficient supply of crude oil to meet the world’s energy needs.

We are connected with sixteen major European, Middle East, North & South American, African and Far East refineries and 100’s of their subsidiaries, and have access to following products.

  • lpgse propane 100%
  • lpg propane 50% and butane 50%
  • fuel oil cst 180, cst 280, cst 380-
  • Rebco russian export blends crude oil gost 9965-76
  • Origin liquefied natural gas gost 5542-87
  • Origin liquefied petroleum gas gost 20448-90 (50% propane 50% butane)
  • Mazut m100- gost
  • Aviation kerosene gost 10227-86 grade ts-1 (jet fuel)
  • Aviation fuel: jet a1 gost r 52050 -2006
  • Gasoil ulsd 10ppm gost r 52368-2005 type iii (euro 5) en590
  • Diesel gas oil lsd 50ppm gost r 52368-2005 type ii (euro 4)
  • Diesel gas oil 350ppm gost r 52368-2005 type i (euro  3)
  • Diesel gas oil d2 l-0.02-62 gost 305-82
  • Diesel fuel oil d6
  • Unleaded gasoline ron octane 91-92-93 gost 2084 77-ai-93
  • Unleaded gasoline ron octane 95 gost 2084 -77-ai-95
  • Petrol coke



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