MA Series pneumatic diaphragm actuator

MA Series pneumatic diaphragm actuators can be utilized with the MA series is a trustworthy and cost-effective choice when instrument air is available. Fail-Safe Design, Rising Stem Design, Seal Technology, Actuator Interchangeability, Fixed Drift Adjustment, Corrosion-Resistant Materials, Optional Devices and Accessories are just a few of the features of the MA Series pneumatic diaphragm actuators.

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Actuators are electric-powered devices that allow pipeline operators to operate valves. Electric, air (pneumatic), or flow power (hydraulic), which in our instance is gasoline or gas, can all be used. Two types of actuators are available: temporary and rotating. Gas-over-oil actuators move the mechanics of the actuator by suspending the high pressure gas in the pipeline with a hydraulic fluid. Double-acting gas-over-oil actuators are the only ones that can be used. A power source provides electricity to electric actuators like a battery. Precision control of product flow through valves is critical in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, and the valve actuator is responsible for this modulation.