Hofamat F series Burner

Controls Supply Chain also delivers products made by Hofamat. Hofamat manufactures Gas, Fuel, Oil Combination Gas and Oil Burners and industrial burners. Hofamat ensures that their burners meet the latest demand in combustion and emmision technology in the world. Hofamat has the largest production base for marine burners, oilfield market dedicated burners and industrial burners.

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Hofamat FT T model burner Hofamat FT06、10、15、20、25、30、35、40、45、50、55、65、80、100、120 Hofamat FP T type burner Hofamat FP03、FP04、FP05、FP06、FP08、FP10、FP15、FP20、FP25 Hofamat FW series hot air burner Hofamat FW02、FW03-04、FW05、FW06、FW08-10、FW12-15、FW20-25 Hofamat FWQ series gas burner Hofamat FWQ10、FWQ15、FWQ

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Hofamat F series Burner

Controls Supply Chain also supplies products and parts made by Hofamat. This brand has a wide range of burner and combustion products ranging from 12kW up to 10900kW. Hofamat has merged with another strong player in the field and has a strong industry advantage compared to the rest of the competition and continues developing superior quality and efficient combustion equipment.

About 500,000 Hofamat burners are placed all over the world. This brand stands out because it produces stable products with good economic qualities. In addition the products of Hofamat are compact and easy to use. Fuel and regulating devices are visual and easy to maintenance. Furthermore the power of various burner types can be adjusted by one stage or two stage. All burner types passed various tests and approval conform DIN and EN corresponding standards Hofamat HS03 to HS10 Series Package Dual Fuel Burner, Hofamat to HQ3 HQ11 Series Package Gas Burner, Hofamat HQ12 to HQ16 Series Package Gas Burner, Hofamat KQ03, KQ04 and KQ06 Series Package Gas Burner, Hofamat KQ12b, KQ20b, KQ25b Series Package Gas Burner, Hofamat HZY05c to HZY09c Series Package Heavy Oil Burner. Products are available for both light and heavy applications. Controls Supply Chain advises, provides parts, repairs and does maintenance of products in the petrochemical and process industry. The strength of Controls Supply Chain lies in the knowledge of the products. Also for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems Controls Supply Chain is a solid partner for both large and small customers.
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