Satronic ZT 930

  • Complete reference:  ZT 930  pin ø 1 mm (13121U Honeywell), ZT 930 pin ø 4 mm (13124U Honeywell)
  • For oil and gas dual burners of small to medium rating. With plug-in ignition and power supply cables, designed to fit beneath the burner safety control box.
  • Power supply: 220 – 240V
  • Connections: 3 AMP plug type terminals 6.30 x 0.8 mm
  • High tension:  ø 4 mm pin or ø 1 mm pin
  • ZT 930 4.0 mm pin (13124U) to suit standard ignition cable connectors, e.g. for pre-assembled “Teflon” H.T. cables. ZT 930 1.0 mm pin (13124U) to suit 7.0 mm silicon H.T. cable in conjunction with the Satronic clip.


The Satronic ZT 930 high frequency ignition transformer is suitable for use with oil, gas and dual fuel burners of small to medium rating. The ZT 930 enables a big spark deformation on burners with a high fire-rating or high combustion-air velocity.