WILLIS MOV-Type Rotating Disc Drilling Chokes

As the original patented rotating disc-type choke, the WILLIS MOV became part of Cameron’s product range in 1987, having been supplied to drilling, production, and various other applications since the 1950s. Building upon extensive field experience, Cameron offers the M3D choke for drilling services.

  • Available in 3” nominal size (M3D).
  • Working pressures: 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi as standard.


Features and Benefits

  • MOV disc-type trim design features a 180-degree rotation from open to close.
  • Half-moon (or D-shaped) flow area for drilling applications gives accurate control.
  • Disc components are made from solid tungsten carbide for maximum durability and may also be rotated in the reverse direction, giving what amounts to a new set of controlling faces, which extends the service life.
  • Highly resistant to blockage by allowing large solids to pass through.
  • Precise diamond-lapped discs are within two light bands of flatness, ensuring reliable shut-off performance.
  • Differential pressure across the trim provides a strong retention force between the two discs, ensuring accurate flow rate control and reducing the risk of trim vibration.
  • Wiping action keeps disc surfaces clean, reducing trim wear and deterioration.
  • The choke outlet spool has a replaceable outlet wear sleeve.
  • Available in hydraulically and manually operated configurations.
  • Actuated configuration with a pneumatic pressure-type position indicator as standard.