247 dp indicator

Model 247’s DPU thrust pipe belt is linked to the indicator’s control rod. In reaction to DPU, the torque tube system rotates bellows motion and this rotation is mechanically transferred through the steering wheel and related system to place the pointer to the sign closest to the DPU differential stress.In relation to modifications in differential pressure observed at the main unit mounted in the process system. The Model 247 bellows within the DPU shift.
model 247 bellows movement is mechanically transmitted to the index system, which in turn places the index pointer. The Model 247 is a 6 “(152 mm) mobile marker located in a metal bearing box with a built-in 3-valve tank, cut pipes, and neoprene hoses. DP varies 0-30″w.c. Portable Backflow Testers available (Model 246 BFT–3 inches; Model 247 BFT–6 inches), powered by 224C DPU.
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247C l 227C

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247 dp indicator

M247 functions: Pressure Overrange Protection (up to 500 PSI)–no meter harm owing to peaks. Easy learning–150 distinct 0.1 PSID divisions label the big scale. 246 BFT’s tiny 3-inch scale is a compact tester. 247 BFT’s big6-inch scale offers simple learning. Five easy-to-use tubes–engineered with tubular metal, corrosion-resistant, tubes and smooth seats. Unique built-in tube–allow a stress gage to be added to achieve continuous stress viewing during experiments.

Compact case (steel-reinforced polyethene) with fabric plug–minimizes storage harm. Adaptable –enables efficiency on all backflow meetings. Hand / shoulder brace–enables field use included fittings / hoses–sample fittings and three colour tagged,6-foot hoses for simple hookup. Using the welded beryllium copper bellows installation, these testers are precise to one-half of one third, converting a measurement in increasing and falling activities within 0.075 PSID.


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