288C dp indicating switch

® 288, 288A & 288C are weather-proof DP switches. NEMA-4 has waterproof die-cast aluminum containers for 288A and 288C (finished with green epoxy resin weatherproof tone). The solid lexan lens is given in the bezel with an elastomer coil to reduce the chance of unwanted breakage. This system also works as a seal between the bezel and the cabinet to ensure movement and alteration of the item sensor’s moisture, smoke and dust-free atmosphere.
Six differential stress indicators are used to energize sensors and regulate circuits with pre-determined flux boundaries across pipelines and fluid concentrations within pressurized ships, and lower stress across systems such as filters. They are used to track flux rates in combination with a main DP component, such as a hole or venturi.
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288A l 288C l 290D

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288C dp indicating switch

The MODELS 288A/288C/290D rotation of the DPU torque tube shaft is coupled by connecting link within the switch case to move the pointer across the scale plate. An actuating cam, directly connected to the torque tube shaft, rotates with the shaft’s motion. Two cam follower roller / actuator arm assemblies, one for each switch, respond to torque tube rotation by opening and closing the switches as they drive on and off the cam. The DP levels at which the switches are actuated can be adjusted on the scale plate with high and low alarm switch adjustments.

Model 290D and weatherproof Models 288A, 288C are DP indicating switches. The 288A and 288C have a waterproof NEMA-4 aluminum board (complete with weatherproof white resin). An elastomer layer is given in the lens with a cap lens to prevent unwanted ruptures. The system functions as a display of moisture, smoke and dust-free atmosphere to notify and change the system between the bezel and the cabinet.


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