The MC-II Flow Analyzer provides a separate cumulative and digital flow display, based on the Nufo or ® fluid or gas turbine input meter. The low consumption and CMOS microprocessors of its liquid crystal displays allows reliable results for years of battery life. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at MC-III

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In any desired volumetric unit the full measurement readings is possible and the rate of flow is measured by one unit per second, minute, hour or day. The rates and quantity are calibrated fast and easily with the MC-II front keyboard. This tool is suitable for indoor installation and requires no additional protection against climate change. The unit can be connected to the turbine meter separately or directly. The device can be installed independently or connected directly to the turbine meter. This flow meter together with a turbine flow meter represents the flow rate of the personalized battery tool with the MC-II flow analyser. The MC-II microprocessor system includes a pulsed flow meter, converts data by calibration settings, and displays full data in two six digit LCDs.

The top LCD shows the fluid in its entirety; the top LCD shows the fluid flow rate. There are no internal potentiometers, jumpers and MC-II dip switches. For applications that use standard engineering units, when an extra flow meter calibration factor is provided, the MC-II will automatically calculate the divider. The quantity can be saved on a non-volatile MC-II layout by pressing a keyboard or restarting the whole display. The security of password prevents illegal personnel from modifying or compiling tool volume data. You can use the keyboard to turn the security feature on or off.



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