Cone Differential Pressure (Dp) Flowmeter

The portfolio of measuring technologies includes a Differential Pressure (DP) cone meter which provides precise, repeatable, and cost-optimized flow measuring solutions. The DP cone meter is built to operate in unprocessed and treated fluids and is suitable for upstream , midstream and downstream applications that face a broad variety of measurement challenges.

The cone differential pressure (DP) flowmeter is a multifluid and process control meter that provides reliable, repeatable, and cost-optimized measurement solutions for a wide variety of upstream and downstream applications. A main advantage of this system is the capacity to fit into narrow spaces while providing high rates of precision and repeatability for wide and reliable turndowns. Thanks to the hydrodynamic form of the tube, the Tube DP flowmeter promises a special approach outside of the limits of conventional technologies.

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Cone Differential Pressure (Dp) Flowmeter

The Cone DP flowmeter is a revolutionary tool and technology that offers precise and repeatable measurement methods for applications in upstream , midstream, and downstream. Optimized processes in confined rooms, high temperatures and different environments are essential advantages. The Cone Meter is designed to work over broad turndowns enabling the calculation of differential pressures down to < 1 “column vapor. A low noise differential pressure signal is also produced by the cone meter in the middle and back of the tube.

The Cone Meter does not include moving parts nor does it allow the removal of primary component parts throughout the unit ‘s working life.4 The meter is constructed of high-grade traceable components and all high-quality welding and NDT procedures are used exclusively during the production process. Minimum wear occurs at the beta edge of the cone since this side is downstream of the flow which helps preserve a steady constant geometry over the working life of the meter. The Cone Meter does not have any moving parts nor does it involve removing primary replacement parts for the unit’s working life.


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