F2500 Series Floco Positive Displacement Meter

F2500 Series Floco Positive Displacement Meter is a flow meter developed by . The flowmeter of the Floco series product range of F reflects the volume form tool varying in the special configuration of a rotor maintaining the calculation precision even under adverse conditions.

The unit of a F type range calculates liquid intake by its division into two equivalent sections and their volume measurements. Liquid flows from the inlet channel to a flowmeter, where it deviates down through a crossing point and lands on the rotor surface, causing it to spin. Then, liquid flows into the final channel with the inlet channel situated along one side. A rotor’s unique nature enables strong particles and a deposit to be moved through the system, without fearing its failure and defective operation. Crossing point condensing components avoid the flow of material to the final channel that is not detected by the measuring mechanism.

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F2500 Series Floco Positive Displacement Meter

Floco series flowmeters have a special property: higher viscosity of the system setting, improved functionality of the unit. Low viscosity values enable the system to describe, with better precision, a low-level cost. Flow meters with a product level with F vary in the broad spectrum: instruments can run at a pressure of up to 2000 pound-force / quarter inch (138 bar) and temperature range from -20 ° F (-29 ° C) to 400 ° F (205 ° C), calculating expenses varying from 6 to 90 percent. Locks / min. (Oil density dimensions 20 ° API).

Normal linking branch pipes may have a throat region of 1 inch and a standard internal pipe thread or segment 2 or 3 of inch and the same form of external thread. Performed by the tool may be shipped, supplied with flanges with the actuating rim or groove under a ring seal. In normal units of measurement the inserting counter may be calibrated: American gallons, barrels (42 gallons), liters, or cubic meters. Flowmeters with a F type series may be assembled with items made with Buna-N, Viton ® or Teflon ® content compliant with manufacturing process conditions and repair specifications for consistent function at cycle intervals.


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