7400 Gas turbine meter

® Model 7400 Precision Turbine Flow Meters are built in a broad variety of automotive, business, pipeline and aerospace applications for the gas sector. Since the pickup coil performance is digital, the Model 7400 meters is a perfect fit for electronic control instruments — no analog to digital conversion is required. The rotor reaction comes in milliseconds, offering precise metering for quickly shifting flow patterns in applications. When the gas travels through the diffuser portion, it is pushed through a turbine rotor with several blades. The speed of the rotor is proportional to the volumetric flux rate. A reticence style pickup coil (mounted on the meter) senses the movement of each blade tip as the rotor turns and in-turn produces a sine wave output with a frequency that is directly proportional to the flow rate. For backup or flow path sensing additional coils can be attached. The pickup coil can power a range of devices like totalizers, preamplifiers or flow computers / RTUs. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com. 7486 l 7450 l 7475 l 7401 l 7446 l 7446 l 7402 l 7403 l 7404 l 7406 l 7408 l 7410 l 7412

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7400 Gas turbine meter

The preamplifiers are used for transferring the coil signal to distant devices over long distances. Both turbine instruments can be installed either directly on the turbine or remotely and are compatible with inherently protected, explosion / flameproof or weatherproof approvals. At the factory the average K-factor is calculated for each turbine by using water as the calibration material. This multipoint test is conducted at six different flow levels and verifies linearity and repeatability across a small range of the meter size. The average K-factors produced in water are about 1 percent variance from each other when contrasted with coal. A calibration of the water is also an important tool for validating a meter in the region. For field water testing procedures please visit the supplier.

The output of the meters listed in this bulletin is focused on historical gas calibration conducted using gas media at separate, world-class calibration facilities. A structural prejudice which the calibration lab may have is not included in our accuracy argument. Repeatability is constrained by the precision of the gas sample, but usually ± 0.02% in water.



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