Controls Gas Meters and Modules

Controls is active in residential metering, commercial and industrial metering. These have not only the standard metering systems, but also the smart meters for extended use. With meters of Controls it is also possible to read the meters remotely and is smart payment an option.

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Controls Gas Meters and Modules

Various models of Controls Gas Meters and Modules are:

Controls ACDG1.6
Controls Gallus
Controls Metris
Controls RF1
Controls U6 , U16 and SC6
Controls Atreva
Controls C -series
Controls e-series
Controls RF1 sVZB
Controls GallussV G
Controls RF1 sV G

Commercial and industrial
Controls Dattus
Controls A-series
Controls ACD G10 – G16 , G25 – G100
Controls U -series Chart Meters
Controls Delta Rotary Meter
Controls FLUXI 2000/TZ Turbine meters
Controls MZ Quantometer
Controls Sparklog
Controls C -Series
Controls e-series
Controls Corus
Controls Focus
Controls Alis 200
Controls ISB +
Controls Wincor
Controls Winlog GPRS

Controls Communication Modules
Controls AnyQuest Cyble Enhanced
Controls EverBlu Cyble Enhanced
Controls Unigate
Controls Cyble SC
Controls Cyble Sensor
Controls Cyble Sensor ATEX
Controls Gallus i V PSC
Controls RF1 i V PSC



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