The 3000 Series of Industrial Regulators has high reliability and wide potential for distribution, commerce and business. Expand the life cycle of the regulator and improve performance with the Honeywell Gas Depot repair modules. The 3000 industrial regulator has been introduced to the special specification for sales, commercial and business applications.

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1-1/4″ l 1-1/2″ l 2″ l 3″ l 4″

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The regulation and repair of the 3000 regulator have been facilitated for functional purposes. It is suitable for ovens, batch ovens and boilers. Entering the circular clamp loop, item (4), then leaving the whole controller (less body) outside the line will allow access to the controller. A new operating unit may be replaced during the operation of the withdrawn unit. If replacement of the regulator is required, repair parts are provided. The seat disk, object (2), that can be pitted and used and the Buna N, or Filter Ring (3) that can gather moisture or foreign matter particles are common replacing components. The valve seat disk and valve cage sealing surface state should be regularly locked. Valve seat disk and valve cage inspection in the field can be done. Take the following directions. Care should be taken to avoid the introduction of international matter into the regulatory jurisdiction.


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