BD-RMG 200 Gas pressure regulator

BD-RMG 200 is primarily used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The device is typically used for field tap or rural delivery, by-pass or high-pressure, first-cut regulators. BD-RMG 200 is best suited for natural gas and all non-corrosion power devices. The system offers various possibilities for specific applications and is designed to reduce the strain of the gaseous media efficiently and precisely.

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BD-RMG 200 Gas pressure regulator

Based on the opening diameter, the BD-RMG 200 has a wide range of pressures. The bd-rmg 200 is fitted with a spring and works on a heavy-height basis to manage inlet pressure changes with various interchangeable orifices in order to ease servicing and improve the turn-down ratio to satisfy a wide range of flow and tension situations (inlet and outlet pressures).



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