BD-RMG 274 Gas pressure regulator

BD-RMG 274 is the industrial and commercial operator of DVGW G 260 gases. The system allows the mounting of specific diameters of the seat mechanism. The diaphragm case can be rotated 180 ° relative to the heart. The device can also be installed in any position, with an overpressure disconnect valve or a heat disconnect valve. The quick-to-operate BD-RMG 274 can be fitted with an overshoot valve (OPCO) and an UPCO / OPCO hybrid valve (Under-/Over-Pressure Cut-off). Software edition PFM (+ /-1 percent abs) is available.

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BD-RMG 274 Gas pressure regulator

For particular installations such as indoor systems, different versions of the devices are required without any airflow requirements. In comparison, the optional fixed factor billing model (PFM) is valid for applications involving + /-1 per cent absolute strain.



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