Masoneilan 535H-536H Pressure Regulator

The Masoneilan Model 535H / 536H pressure regulators are designed to provide accurate reduced pressures of air, liquid, saturated and superheated steam. They are available in sizes ¾”, 1″, 1 ½” and 2″ with full area and reduced trim to handle the small-to-moderate flow applications where IEC 60534-4/ANSI/FCI 70.2 Class IV or VI shut-off is required.

For temperatures over the rating of the diaphragm material, the regulator must be mounted with the actuator below the centerline of the regulator body. The diaphragm will be protected from the high temperature by a condensate barrier in the sensing line and actuator diaphragm case. If installed otherwise, an adequate condensate barrier must be incorporated. Consult factory for more information.

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  • Pressure Reducing  535H
  • Differential Pressure Reducing  535H-50
  • Back Pressure  536H
  • Differential Back Pressure 536H-50


Steam, Gas, Liquids


Type : High Capacity Globe Flow Direction: Flow-to-Open


Type : Bolted, Standard Bolted, Extension – Optional/p>

Body and Bonnet

Materials : Carbon Steel 316, Stainless Steel,

Chrome-Molybdenum Steel


Plug Type : Disc

Seat Ring : Threaded or Quick Change

Guide : Heavy Top Guided

Capacity : Full Area, Reduced Capacity in All Sizes

Characteristic : Quick Opening


Type : 10900 Series