RMG 408 Gas pressure regulator

The RMG 408 gas pressure regulator consists of the actuator board, the working “command unit” and the “SAV” toggle. The control unit is composed of an actuator and an actuator and the filter regulator is connected. After the screws are loosened, the working modules can be separated from the actuator shell. This includes a separate maintenance facility. At the measurement location, the starting point for pressure reduction is recorded and fed to the operator via a measuring sequence. The diaphragm in the controller 7 senses the actual value of the output pressure and compares it to the value of the spring force defined (adjustable comparison variable).
In this example, the opening of the actuator to adjust the production pressure (actual value) is adjusted by changing the pressure changes to the optimum value of the regulation deviations. The device shuts down safely with no usage. The actuator is fitted with separate diameters of the valve seat and is covered by an equivalent diaphragm of Ø 52 mm. Multi-stage relaxation avoids the presence of loud sounds on the actuator. The actuator has a gap in the throttle frame, which splits the current at the throttle point into a multitude of tiny beams flowing against each other. Three concentric perforated sheets are positioned around the actuator to further reduce noise on the output side, whereby the gas jet is again divided into multiple individual beams.
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RMG 408 Gas pressure regulator

To addition, the stream straightener and the wrapping are used to maximise the vibration operation in the output section of the actuator housing. In addition, the “carbon gel” circle can be integrated into the throttle structure with an external noise reduction of at least 10 dB (A). The traditional opening structure can be easily replaced by a metal oxide foam opening. Nonetheless, when using metal filler, it is important to note that the KG quality is correspondingly reduced. The safety valve actuator on the input side interrupts the gas flow when the output pressure in the regulated device exceeds or drops below the preset reaction rate. The RMG 408 gas pressure regulator will potentially be paired with the RMG 720 or RMG 721 feature modules. The SAV can be triggered by hand if the peak tension at the sensor location is below (when the voltage is exceeded) or above (when the force is below) the reset variations are reached.



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