RMG 505 Gas pressure regulator

The RMG 505 is a portable system consisting of two operating systems, one for effective pressure control and the other for control functions. The active machine pilot (RMG 640 or RMG 630a pilot series) compares the real outlet value to the price and pushes the throttling diaphragm.
In RMG 505, the gas flow of the expansion element is regulated by the rolling motion of the diaphragm. As a result, the output stress remains unchanged from the adjustment of the inlet pressure and the flow rate. The closing spring pushes the diaphragm against the edge of the screen at null motion. In addition, the output force is controlled by the display unit. Since the performance of this element is greater than the controlled voltage of the active device, the monitor interface is usually fully enabled. The value of KG decreased by roughly. It’s believed to be 10 million. The outlet pressure you want to control is supplied to the controller by the measuring line. The double diaphragm unit inside the regulator tests the real pressure frequency as a force acting on the diaphragm and adds it to the energy of the set-point movement.
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RMG 505 Gas pressure regulator

While using RMG 505 Gas pressure regulator, if the working system fails, it opens under the» fail-open« principle and the outlet pressure increases. The setpoint value of the display system is reached and the output voltage is controlled. For gas flow management within the display system, a valve sleeve is used which is operated by the respective RMG 650 pilot. The null stream closing pressure is provided by the spring that pushes the sleeve against the seat of the valve. The peak pressure to be monitored is determined by the RMG 630 or the RMG 640 Active System Pilot. The outlet pressure value of the monitoring system is controlled by the RMG 650 pilot and is calibrated at a higher level than the active outlet pressure configuration. At maximum discharge, the outlet pressure rises to the top of the closed stress monitor.



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