RMG 610 Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The RMG 610 is one of the SERIE 600 Gas Pressure Regulator Pilot Units. In the RMG 610 unit, the flow control valve begins with the inlet pipe dia. The DN 200 and upwards are designed for axial flow and therefore the protection shut-off valve can not be used. The approved valve sleeve system is used to provide full relief of inlet and outlet pressure. The valve closure in the valve cone guarantees a bubble-tight shut-off of the process. The electronic actuator rotates the valve sleeve by rotating the worm wheel, which then turns the sleeve with the gear wheel connected to the valve sleeve.

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RMG 610 Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The rotation of the valve sleeve moves the valve sleeve back and forth as the gear wheel sleeve works on the threaded outer circle. The RMG 610 pilot gas pressure regulators are based on the principle of growth. The lowering of the noise level from 20 dB(A) to 30 dB(A) compared to the standard valve with valve plate and valve seat is achieved by several extensions, gas flow separation and local containment.



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