Fully-welded Valve T-30

One of the most reliable valves in the petroleum business is the T30 series completely welded ball valve. The distinctive architecture imparts improved weight tolerance and enhanced resilience to all pipeline strains and stresses. The valve blends the power of cast materials with a lightweight and compact spherical shape that reduces body flanges, minimizing total size and possible routes for leakage.

The completely welded ball valve T30 Series is a bidirectional, trunnion-mounted ball valve with a lightweight spherical body configuration and superior stem seal system that complies with fugitive pollution regulations. The architecture of the T30 Series valve improves service life, decreases leakage routes and provides maximum tolerance to pressure and tension from the tube.

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Fully-welded Valve T-30

takes environmental issues seriously and newly launched ISO 15848-1 as the T30 Low-E accredited low-emission device. For 100 per cent of your transmitting and storage requirements, coverage is available. Output testing certified to ISO 15848-2 may be provided. The revolutionary concept offers cost benefits by following fugitive pollution requirements and reducing the chance of needing to install or modify valves to conform with environmental legislation in the future.Such valves have a seal which can be modified and removed in an antiblowout stem system. In fact, an sustainable compliant configuration with minimal emissions is now available. The distinctive architecture of the T30 Series valve maximizes power at reduced weight and increases tolerance to pipeline strain and lower wall thickness stresses. The lightweight, spherical configuration often removes body flanges and decreases overall size and possible sources of leakage.

The T30 Series valve is built to remove the need for lubrication and requires repairs without decreasing the pressure or withdrawing the valve from the tube. This valve is built to reduce content for reduced weight , lower construction and shipping costs, and decrease repair, which increases uptime in output. The T30 Series valve can be fitted with a device that rotates at the end of the closing process all seat rings.


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