Gate valve FLS-Frac series

FLS-Frac series gate valves have a reputation for quality and dependability. Gate valves in frac trees and manifolds flow and manage high-pressure, high-volume, abrasive fracturing fluids for days—or even weeks—at a time. The valves are trimmed for optimum corrosion and erosion protection, with corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) inlay in seat pockets and ring grooves, zero-chamfer flowbores to minimize turbulence and therefore erosion, and two apertures for cleaning and lubricating the valve body cavity.

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Frac valves provide three times more uptime than other suppliers due to these features and the industry’s most stringent maintenance program, which includes cleaning, disassembly, inspection, reassembly, and testing before valves returned from the field are assigned to the next project, minimizing NPT and related costs.The FLS-R-Frac large-bore HP fracturing API 6A slab-style gate valve is a heavy-duty, dependable hydraulic fracturing gate valve designed as a manual valve for high-pressure applications. Because it swiftly cycles from totally closed to fully open, it decreases the risk of erosion and contamination that might occur when in the midway position.The FLS-DA2-Frac API 6A double-acting actuated gate valve has the same metal sealing characteristics as the FLS-DA2-Frac API 6A single-acting actuated gate valve, but it also features a double-acting hydraulic actuator for quick, positive, and distant activation. In the event of a hydraulic power outage, it remains functioning. The FLS-Frac API 6A bidirectional slab-style gate valve has a longer service life and allows you to change the flow direction. The fullbore, through-conduit FLS extreme service API 6A slab-style gate valve with 1 13/16-in nominal bore size is recommended for 10,000 and 15,000 psi operating pressures.