Check valves series 03

Check valve G1/4 – G2 – PN16 (Brass): 0.15 – 16 bar PN40 (Stainless steel): 0.25 – 40 bar Brass 2.0402
Stainless steel 1.4408 EPDM: -20 °C up to +90 °C PTFE: -20 °C up to +180 °C

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High Pressure Valves

Controls Supply Chain also supplies products and components made by Ventiltechnik. Due to their expertise, commitment of a customer-oriented team, the excellent quality management system and over 40 years of experience in developing customer-oriented special valve solutions Ventiltechnik has a leading position in the valve market industry. It is therefore not surprising that Controls Supply Chain supplies valves and components of this brand.

provides a wide range of pilot operated, force pilot operated and direct acting solenoid valves, pressure-controlled valves, motorized valves and accessories. Solenoid valves – pilot operated are distinguished by their simple and robust design. The sealing element is a diaphragm for high application pressures up to 20 bar or piston pressures up to 450 bar. Valves like this always need a pressure difference to be able to open and close. High pressures can be easily controlled. Fitting of valves up to DN50 is possible in any position and due to the simple exchange, the valve can be easily maintained. Forced solenoid valves by Ventiltechnik operate from 0 Bar and can be installed where directly acting valves are used. The special feature of forced solenoid valves is that the actuator in the pressure range can open and close the valve without using the operating pressure.. This type of valves can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as vacuum or high pressure applications. Direct acting solenoid valves by Ventiltechnik switch the sealing element directly via the magnetic system. These valves do not have a pilot opening, and are therefore less sensitive to any contamination of the media. Direct acting solenoid valves are ideal mage for vacuum applications. Valves which are pressure controlled are suitable for the control of gaseous, highly viscose, contaminated and aggressive media. The actuator is separated from the medium. The valves have a simple and robust design and are therefore suitable for nearly any media up to a viscosity of 600 mm2 / S. together with the German Centre for Aerospace Laboratory developed a valve that is unprecedented in this industry: the RRV – Rapid Reaction Valve. An incredibly reliable valve that can release the smallest amounts of gas with as little energy expenditure as possible. Possible applications for the valves of Ventiltechnik are: filling systems, brewing equipment, chemical systems, food processing, concrete and cement industry, vacuum equipment, water purification, pneumatics, venting of gas and tank installations, petrochemical plants, pumping equipment, water supplies, steam boilers, hot water uses, irrigation systems, plumbing and many other applications in machine and equipment. For products and components or any other questions regarding please contact Controls Supply Chain. You can always send an email to



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