McDonnell & Miller Series TC-4 Test-N-Check Valves

The McDonnel & Miller Series 1575 provides continuous protection against a low water condition. Furthermore it satisfies pump control needs for commercial and industrial steam boilers.

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McDonnell & Miller Series TC-4 Test-N-Check Valves

For hot water boilers
Simplifies ASME CSD-1A. code mandated testing of low water cut-offs by eliminating the need to drain the system
Includes one upper and one lower valve for mounting at crosses in equalizing lines
Restricts water flow when the low water cut-off’s blow down valve is open
Adjustable built-in vacuum breaker in upper valve provides rapid evacuation of water from the float chamber
1? NPT
Maximum temperature 250°F (121°C)
Maximum pressure 160 psi (11 kg/cm2)


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