General Controls Oil – Steam – Liquid Valves

General Controls Oil/Steam/Liquid Safety Shutoff Valves come in different types and models. Controls Supply Chain can advise and deliver you the right product for your specific situation.

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General Controls Oil – Steam – Liquid Valves

HOV1 Safety Shutoff Valves, Normally Closed

The HOV1 is an underported, globe-type, oil valve with a single, quick opening, stem-guided seat. This two-way, normally closed, bronze safety shotoff valve features a spring loaded stem which, upon power interruption, drives the teflon seat firmly closed within one second. The HOV1 is available with or without valve seal overtravel interlock (FM Proof of closure).

HOV13 Safety Shutoff Valve, Quick opening, 3-way hydramotor

The HOV13 is an underported, poppet-type, bronze-bodied safety shutoff valve, electrohydraulically operated to provide reliable on-off control of liquids or gases. The spring-loaded, stem-guided teflon seat opens within seven seconds op power application and firmly closes within one second of power interruption.

K10 Solenoid Valves, Lever-actuated, Two-Way

The K10 normally-open or normally closed solenoid valves are suited for use with a wide range of media: (1) gasoline and light or heavy fuel oils in commercial and industrial combustion applications, and (2) air, water, steam and other liquid media. The valve is most commonly used to control oil burner, boiler and furnace safety systems, either manual or automatic.

S311 Fuel Oil Shutoff Valves, Dual-inlet

The S311 series two-way, normally closed, direct-acting solenoid valves control fuel oil to domestic high pressure atomizing oil burners using No.2, No.4 and other comparable fuel oils. The S311 is available with a dual inlet valve body.

SV401 Series Oil Shutoff Valves, two-way normally closed

The SV401 is a compact, 2 way normally closed pilot piston operated solenoid valve and is designed to control fuel oil to domestic and commercial atomizing oil burners. They are easy to install even in the tightest places.



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