RMG 721 Safety shut-off valves

The RMG 720 safety switch is the key safety device for gas pressure control stations. The unit shall be revised for natural gas and other fuels, upon request, to DVGW G 260. The RMG 720 is lightweight and has limited face to face measurement. The safety valve RMG 720 (SSV) is programmed to automatically shut down the gas flow from the gas pressure control station when the volume of the sealed system reaches the orabove defined limits. The RMG 720 comprises of a central valve assembly and a measuring tool. The actuator can be visually inspected easily for regular maintenance. If intervention systems do not operate, new units can be mounted and repair work can be carried out in the laboratory without shutting down the gas pressure system. The RMG 720 safety shut-off valve is fitted with a spring-loaded diaphragm to obstruct or trigger the ball mechanism of the switch. All overpressure and/or underpressure can be removed with a diaphragm brace. The ability to release overpressure and release underpressure may be controlled separately. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com.

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RMG 721 Safety shut-off valves

The safety shut-off valve RMG 721 was also configured to automatically shut off the gas flow from the gas pressure control station when the voltage within the protection system becomes higher than or below its predefined maximum. The RMG 721 comprises of a valve body with a valve seat and a complete shut-off kit consisting of all necessary components, such as a measurement indicator, plug and valve cover, which are fitted with an integrated pressurized device. The operating system can be removed from the main valve body simply by loosening the lock torches. The RMG 721 safety shut-off valve is a dual gas pressure controller. The RMG 721 plate has a pressure-compensation system.



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