RMG 790 Safety shut-off valves

The protection shut-off valve (SSV) RMG 790 is equipped for the deployment and return of gas preheaters in the hot water system. The machine is a linking mechanism between a gas preheater designed for maximum permissible gas intake pressure and a low-pressure boiler. In the event that the excess gas flows into the hot water system due to a broken preheater (heat exchanger), the SSV RMG 790 can turn off the boiler as long as the required pressure level is reached, whether the pressure increases quite slowly or immediately. The SSV RMG 790 includes both the central valve and the control unit.
The central valve assembly is flangeless and connected to the boiler by means of a screw bolt between the leading flange of the heat exchanger and the feed / return axis. The valve case has an axial gap in which the valve field roughly corresponds to the average width of the touch channel. Control connections I and 2 which lead to the chambers above and below the valve seat are given for the attachment of the pressure gauges and operational controls. Under normal operating conditions, the boiler pressure occurring on the hot water circuit of the natural gas preheater charges both chambers in the protective shut-off device. The valve spring leaves the valve plate free.
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RMG 790 Safety shut-off valves

The washer prevents the valve plate from being accidentally cut off by the surge of hot water. When the strain in the hot water circuit increases due to a leak in the exchanger, the control unit opens up 0.3 to 1 bar and removes a small amount of water before the required safety shut-off valve reaction pressure is achieved. The pressure limit for the control unit to be removed will rely on the total width and position of the SSV RMG 790 and provide more detail on the operational and repair manuals and the list of spare parts for RMG 790. The control unit maintains more or less continuous pressure in the intermediate chamber under the pistons of the valve, while the pressure in the rest of the system continues to rise above the piston of the valve.



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