Masoneilan 31000 Series Rotary Control Valve

The 31000 Series control valve is a PFA lined, eccentric plug control valve for corrosive applications


Excellent Performance:

The eccentric rotary plug design provides excellent throttling control accuracy, low dynamic forces and tight shut off. The straight through flow pattern results in high flow capacities.

Corrosion Resistance:

PFA lining with guaranteed minimum wall thickness provides resistance to most corrosive fluids.

Reduced Fugitive Emissions:

The rotary design inherently reduces wear on the packing as compared to a typical linear valve. Additionally, the standard design includes PTFE/Graphite packing, chevron rings, backedup by a double O-ring follower to provide further reliability in corrosive applications.

Ease of Maintenance:

The compact dimensions and low weight design allows for easy installation and removal without compromising piping forces.


The dovetail grooves provide mechanical anchoring between metal body and PFA lining to ensure high performance under vacuum and at high temperature. The powerful, field proven rolling diaphragm actuator provides positive fail-safe action. The actuator linkage is totally enclosed that comes with a combination handwheel and adjustable limit stop with locking mechanism. All actuators are available with a complete line of options and accessories.