4900 MPV Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

Product Features:

  • Tubeless design
  • Bonnet vented with breather filter backflow preventer
  • Manual blowdown valve
  • 100-micron in-body filter protects the pilot
  • The pilot body is entirely stainless steel
  • Non-flowing pilot vented to the outlet
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Pop action design
  • Modulating design


  • ASME Section VIII certified
  • Pressures from 15 to 7200 PSIG
  • Full lift at 100% to 110% of set pressure
  • Set point repeatability to within +2%
  • Adjustable blowdown range from 2% to 7%
  • Standard factory seat tightness 96% per API 527
  • Back pressure up to 65%


Dresser Consolidated 4900 MPV Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve: Environmentally friendly high-performance pilot valve.

The 4900 MPV is a high performance pilot valve that can be used where other spring loaded and pilot operated pressure relief valves fall short on performance. With excellent seat tightness and the ability to externally adjust blowdown, the 4900 MPV can perform within the demands of most operating requirements. It can continue to function at this high standard on single phase or multi-phase applications, such as water and steam, without affecting set pressure or blowdown settings.