Electro Hydraulic Motors

Controls Supply Chain also provides universal throttle motors made by . Controls Supply Chain also delivers the replacement equipment of these models. This electro-hydraulic motors are out of production but are still available via Controls Supply Chain. This electro-hydraulic motor is to replace the engines of all current and previous series electrohydraulic gas valves from 3/4 “to 3” screwed and flanged. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com. SH-110 SH-120 SH-160 SH-210 SH-220 SH-230 SH-240 SH-260 SH-360 SH-460 SH-480 SH-H110 SH-H120 SH-H160 SH-H210 SH-H220 SH-H230 SH-H240 SH-H260 SH-H360 SH-H460 SH-H480 SH-HE110 SH-HE120 SH-HE160 SH-HE210 SH-HE220 SH-HE230 SH-HE240 SH-HE260 SH-HE360 SH-HE460 SH-HE480 HOV110 HOV120 HOV160 HOV210 HOV220 HOV230 HOV240 HOV260 HOV360 HOV460 HOV480 HO110 HO120 HO160 HO210 HO220 HO230 HO240 HO260 HO360 HO460 HO480 GH110 GH120 GH160 GH210 GH220 GH230 GH240 GH260 GH360 GH460 GH480 UHO110 UHO120 UHO160 UHO210 UHO220 UHO230 UHO240 UHO260 UHO360 UHO460 UHO480 SHO110 SHO120 SHO160 SHO210 SHO220 SHO230 SHO240 SHO260 SHO360 SHO460 SHO480

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Electro Hydraulic Motors



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