Model DAH double-acting hydraulic actuator

The Model DAH double-acting hydraulic actuator is designed for abrasive applications that need complete control. Under the most extreme operating circumstances, the Model DAH provides the force needed to open or close important gate valves. BOP stack choke valves and mud manifolds are two examples of uses for this sort of actuator. It’s also a good alternative to manually controlled gate valves in situations where there are significant valve torques or employees don’t want to be near the valve. Hydraulic pressure from an outside source powers the DAH actuator.

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Pressure must be applied to one of the upper or lower chambers to generate downward or upward motion because it is a double-acting version. The Model DAH actuator is available with 5” and 7” pistons and is appropriate for valves with a diameter of 2” to 7”. Standard versions are suitable with valve pressures up to 5000 psi (345 bar). Valve working pressures of up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar) and temperature ranges of -75°F to 250°F (-59°C to 121°C) are also available. With the aid of a bonnet assembly, the innovative quick-disengaging DAH actuator is fitted to any gate valve. The actuator may be placed on either direct or reverse-acting gate valves. Furthermore, the unique Quick Disconnect function allows the Model DAH actuator to be withdrawn from the gate valve without lowering the valve pressure. It also enables the actuator to be withdrawn from the gate valve while it is in the stem-up position.