GateMaster hydraulic actuator

For low-pressure wellhead applications, the Gatemaster hydraulic actuator is employed. The top master and wing valves are usually equipped with this dependable actuator. In applications such as arctic and H2S conditions, non-elastomeric bonnet packing assures service compatibility and substantially lowers maintenance issues.


This adaptable design can be utilized in self-contained safety systems or applications that are operated by line pressure. If actuator control pressure is absent, mechanical or hydraulic openers can be utilized. The GateMaster is designed to work with Master Series bonnets on gate valves with a diameter of 2 in. (51 mm) to 4 in. (102-mm). The interchangeability of the GateMaster and PneuMasterTM actuator designs is made possible by the Master Series bonnet design. The GateMaster Series of actuators keeps the legacy of satisfying client needs for a wide range of surface safety system applications alive and well.

The hydraulic actuators from GateMaster include a large supply/vent port that allows for fast fluid displacement during closing. Because of the large piston area, very low control pressures are required to overcome complete valve differential. Even if there is no valve body pressure, the captured power spring assures closure. The location of the valve is visually indicated by the rising stem. The design of the non-elastomeric bonnet seal provides exceptional sealing in tough conditions. Molygard wiper rings prevent stem galling and foreign particles from entering the actuator body and harming the dynamic seal system during operation.