MHW Series hydraulic wireline cutting actuators

The MHW Series hydraulic wireline cutting actuators are designed to shear wireline, braided line, or coiled tubing if the well has to be shut down in an emergency. The MHW Series has all of the features of the normal MH Series, plus additional springs that give the push needed to execute the cutting force. The MHW Series actuators are designed to be dependable and durable, and may be deployed in hard and isolated settings.

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Fail-Safe Design, Rising and Non-Rising Stem Designs, Head and Housing Orientation, Non-Pressurized Actuator Housing, Superior Piston Design, Controls Supply Chain’s Sealing Technology, Fixed Drift Adjustment, Ease of Maintenance, Accessories are all features of the MHW Series hydraulic wireline cutting actuators. Actuators are devices that enable pipeline operators to control valves using an electricity source. It is possible to utilize electric, air (pneumatic) or flow power (hydraulic) which is, in our case, petrol or gas. Temporary and rotational actuators are split into two kinds. By suspending the high pressure gas in the pipeline via a hydraulic fluid, gas-over-oil actuators move the mechanics of the actuator. It is only possible to have double-acting gas-over-oil actuators. Electric actuators such as a battery are powered by a power source. In oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, precision control of product flow through valves is important and the modulation is reliant on the valve actuator.