WireMaster wirecutting hydraulic actuator

The WireMaster hydraulic wirecutting actuator is a next-generation actuator that closes gate valves safely during wireline operations. With working pressures up to 10,000 psi, the actuator can control valves with diameters ranging from 2” to 7”. (689 bar). It can also withstand control pressures of up to 6000 pounds per square inch (414 bar). The WireMaster employs a coiled spring package modeled after our famous Model CSWC hydraulic actuator for its reliable wirecutting capabilities.

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The design also has the unique Quick-Disconnect function, which allows the actuator to be fitted or withdrawn without depressurizing the gate valve. Furthermore, the gate valve or Christmas tree can be handled, shipped, or fitted without the actuators in place for the convenience of our customers. The Quick-Disconnect option on WireMaster hydraulic wirecutting actuators allows the actuator to be removed without depressurizing the valve, resulting in substantially reduced downtime and lost production. The rising stem visibly indicates valve position. The twin coil spring design offers adequate force to close the gate and shred wireline or braided cable up to 3/16″ in diameter. The fire seal consists of a bonnet assembly with the same metal-to-metal backseat structure as our regular product line, offering protection against packing blowouts in the event of a fire. The non-elastomeric bonnet seal design provides good sealing in harsh environments and eliminates the problems that arise when produced fluids come into contact with elastomeric seals.