Chart Recorders 242E

The Model 242E Temperature and Pressure Recorder is a flexible and tough tool intended for overall temperature and pressure purposes. It registers the temperature and pressure measured on a graph of 12 inches in diameter. Up to four elements can be used in any mixture to function up to four person tracking pads.
The static pressure scheme comprises of a helical bourdon tube linked to the piping of the structure. The static pressure component monitors the static pressure in a tube scheme. Elements are accessible for evaluating pressure varying from 30 in. From void (mercury) to 30,000 psi.The thermal systems are a spiral bourdon tube, a capillary and a bulb. All sections are produced from stainless steel. The bulb is equipped with a bendable expansion and the capillary is shielded by the armor of stainless steel.
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Chart Recorders 242E

Model 202N is a chart recorder used in gas transmission and storage areas. It is a 12-inch precise calibration device that even operates under severe differences in static pressure and ambient heat. The 202N Model has distinct settings. Configurations of 1 to 4 pen (DP+3 extra pads). This instrument’s extra pads can be used to track temperature and supplementary stress information. Model 202N Recorder Receiver can be installed on any mixture of stress components, thermal systems or bellows.

There are a range of graph disks accessible. Both electrical and spring-wound graph disks suit a broad range of graph rates and period periods that decrease repair time. The Models 273, 274, 284 and 285 give a linear flow pneumatic transmitter in one bundle. The Models 273, 274, 284 and 285 are tools that mechanically extract the square root of differential stress and provide a pneumatic yield message equal to the flow rate. Models 273 & 284 are powered by the 224 or 224C DPU. Models 274 & 285 are powered by the 199 DPU design.



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