Chart Recorders 202E

The Model 202E Differential Pressure Recorder monitors and records system operating parameters including gas and liquid flow rate, ship liquid concentration, and other device factors that can be assessed by differential strain and static pressure techniques.
Model 202E is a chart recorder used in gas transmission and storage areas. It is a 12-inch precise calibration device that even operates under severe differences in static pressure and ambient heat. The 202E Model has distinct settings. Configurations of 1 to 4 pen (DP+3 extra pads). This instrument’s extra pads can be used to track temperature and supplementary stress information.
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Chart Recorders 202E

Model 202E Recorder Receiver can be installed on any mixture of stress components, thermal systems or bellows. It’s accepting up to four elements. Static pressure components display a glossy building of 316 stainless steel and varies up to 30,000 psi. Standard thermal systems feature a 10 ft (3 m) capillary covered with compensation for ambient temperature. M242E is accessible in Stainless Steel (Model 242ES) and is powered by 224 DPU. The built-in pulsation dampener regulates the fill-liquid stream between the elevated and small stress bellows with an internally controlled needle valve.

In applications where pulsation is not an issue, the needle is put to the complete open position. The tracking mechanism is a connection and pen scheme that continuously registers information. It transforms mechanical outputs from the DPU and the static pressure component to transcribe rows on a rotating graph. All operating sections of the recorder system are produced of stainless steel for greater domain lives. The printer mount is extremely rough. All rows can be adjusted. Screw changes for , variety and linearity ensure quick and precise calibration.


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