Model 199

The Model 199 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU) is a mechanical device that correctly measures differential pressure relative to a vapor or liquid flowing through a process system or to the point of a liquid stored in a process tank. The model 199 DPU is linked to a main unit (a venturi, an orifice plate or a fluid pipe) situated in the factory scheme for process stream readings. For liquid level readings, the DPU can be linked in a multitude of ways to assess the variation in stress induced by fluid level differences in the system ship.
The Model 199 DPU is a dual bellows installation contained within pressure housings. The dual bellows installation comprises of two competing interconnected liq-Venting uid-filled bellows, a base plate, connection range springs, overrange valves, torque tube and a torque tube installation. Shaft Pressure housings are linked to the main unit situated in the sys-Mounting tem piping by pipe or tube. Variations in the differential bracket tial stress within the control housings trigger the bellows to grow or contract in a linear manner towards the hand with the smallest stress.
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Model 199

The linear motion of the bellows is transformed into angular rotation when transferred by the push wheel to the torque tube shaft and this mechanical motion activates the process monitoring device system. The process monitoring tool linked to the torque tube assembly may be an indicator, switch, receiver, recorder, or other process control unit.

The pulsation dampener regulates the fill-liquid flow between the elevated and low-pressure bellows with an externally controlled pulsation dampener needle valve. Restricting liquid flow decreases the impacts of pulsation. In apps where pulsation is not an issue, the needle valve is put to the full open position.


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