227 dp indicator

Model 227 is a DP indicator powered by ’s rupture-proof DPU M224C. The indicating pointer travels through a 270 ° arc over a compact6-inch (150 mm) panel. Scales are calibrated for DP or fluid concentration assessment in uniform increments. Square root gradations are available for instant flow rate monitoring and distinctive scales are available to show the quantity of fluid in reservoirs.
The Model 227 Differential Pressure Indicator is designed to assess the quantity of liquid stream or liquid. In flow measurement apps, the tool is linked to the small and high stress ends of a main unit (orifice panel, venturi tube, or fluid pipe) in the system run. In liquid level measurement applications, the instrument is connected to monitor changes in differential stress relative to variations in a ship’s fluid height.
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227 dp indicator

227 DPI implements DPU 224/224C. The system consists of a dual bellows assembly (one high pressure and one tiny bellow pressure), which is separated by a set of two stress housings (pressure caps). The dual bellows setup consists of two inner bellows, a key board, overrange valves, a temperature compensator, a torque tube assembly, and coil springs. The bellows and the center board are filled with a non-corrosive liquid and then shut. The stress housings, located on either side of the center board, are connected by pipe or tube to the primary control unit.

Differential temperature differences within the power enclosure cause the bellows in the route of decreased stress to expand / contract laterally. The lateral movement of the bellows is converted into linear rotation as transmitted to the torque tube engine by the driving arm. The torque tube setup provides mechanical efficiency in response to bellow movement and operates on the scheme of process monitoring systems.


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