232C dp indicator

The Model 232C is an economic DP measure for use in applications where high accuracies are not needed. Suitable for implementations across filters for tank rate, flow rate, and DP. It features a 500 psi (34.5 bar) SWP Maximum and a 0-50 “w.c. to 0-100 PSID (0-124 mbar to 6.9 bar) DP Range. The case and bezel are 304 SST. The housings are forged brass (steel and SST optional) with 1/4″x 1/4 “NPT links. The bellows are BeCu or 316 SST, with Ethylene Glycol and Water Fill. The identifying precision is±2.00 percent of the complete scale.
232C provides a broad selection of DP configurations (including complete, zero-center and divided distances), secure operating pressure up to 6000 PSI DPU Sensor, high precision color scale, seal-welded 224C DPU accessible for leak-proof metering and additional one or two tight deadband buttons.
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232C dp indicator

A full device calibration is needed whenever the DPU installation is substituted. Refer to the relevant (distinct) DPU guide before performing this calibration process. Normally all that is required to put the indicator into service is to verify that by performing the calibration check it remains at factory-set calibration.


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