351 Liquid Level Systems

The Model 351 comprises of a single input sensor linked to a Differential Pressure Unit (DPU) by capillary tubing. Hydraulic fluid is sealed inside the sensor and capillary tube, eliminating the need for additional piping. As shipped from the factory, the Model 351 system only needs to be mounted on the vessel to provide continuous level measurement when used with a read instrument.
The sensor can be mounted in vented or closed system ships. The readout instrument (DPU, for example) can be installed at different elevations (i.e. below the vessel, at the upper connection of the vessel or above the vessel) as long as the instrument calibration considers the difference in elevation between the instrument and the sensor. Depending on the stress score needed, a Model 351 or Model 352 scheme can include any of three device kinds: 500-psi SWP sensor, 3,000-psi SWP sensor, No-pressure ranking sensor. All three kinds of sensors comprise a 3.75 “(95 mm) bellow that works as a seal.
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351 Liquid Level Systems

As stress on the bellows differs owing to fluid type and/or process device stress differences, these stress differences are transferred to the reader through the liquid packed sensor and capillary tubing. The S048 sensor is designed for mounting purposes with the same housing as the 500-psi SWP sensor, but has no pressure rating and is designed for mounting inside open vessels or sumps. The sensor’s large bottom opening prevents the sensor ports from fouling due to dirt, loose debris, or other contamination.

All sensors have housings in stainless steel. The capillary tube connecting the sensor to the DPU is either 1/4-in. Or in 3/16-in. OD. The setup determines the tubing duration. As required, capillary tubing may be bent or looped. A 1/4-in. NPT connector or high-pressure insert (3/8-in. OD tube) in the building promotes venting. A fluid stack exerts a stress equal to its height and density, regardless of the form or quantity of the carrying unit. A differential strain device (DPU) can be calibrated to show a fluid’s height when the fluid density is recognised. The weight and quantity of goods can be evaluated by a DPU in bottles of specified sizes.


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