227C dp indicator

The 227C is used in applications where space is limited. The unit is widely used in aircraft ground support equipment, water treatment and air conditioning systems in jet engine and missile test programs. It is used inmany liquefied gas systems for liquid level indication. Some types include: LOX, CO2, nitrogen, nitrogen, nitrogen, and argon. The Batron Model 227C (Model 227AS) layered steel is accessible.
The tool’s panel is 6 inches. The indicating pointer crosses a circle of 270 ° (nominal) to evaluate differential stress, fluid, or liquid concentration. The tool’s movement has a micrometer key to modify the spectrum. Zero is adjusted to main pointer by “slipping,” which can be achieved without altering the scaleplate or pointer.
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227C dp indicator

The Range can also be adjusted without dividing the scaleplate or pointer. Linearity changes are accessible after removal of the scale stack. The 227A runs a Model 224 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU). The 227C is driven by a model 224C DPU. See the DPU’s separate manuals. The detector is linked directly to the actuating unit (DPU). The sensor consists of a control rod assembly, a link, and a movement module linked to the identification pointer.

The DPU bellows notices modifications in air pressure and transmits them to the moving plate device of the indicator as a revolving motion through the petrol tube.


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