200 dp indicator

model 200 differential pressure indicators are applicable for a multitude of secure operating conditions and differential pressure ranges. The model 200 is commonly used to measure differential stress, flow rate and liquid concentration requirements. M200 functions Differential Pressure Unit (DPU) detector, NEMA-4/IP65 applications, broad range of variable stress values (including complete, zero-center and divided values), pulsation dampening.
The showing pointer traverses an angle of 270 degrees, offering great readability. It is guided by a precision-jeweled rotary motion that multiplies the torque tube’s rotation to the pointer through a hub and pinion. The motion uses a thermally stable Ni-Span-C skin loop. The motion has a micrometer nut for easy distance adjustment. Without withdrawing the scale tray or pointer, zero / range modifications can be created. Linearity modifications are easily available after extraction of the scale slab.
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200A l 200AS

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200 dp indicator

All showing scales can be evenly graduated to measure shear stress, fluid concentration, or square root for immediate stream speed reading. Special scales can be provided in flat or non-uniform containers to indicate the liquid concentration. Scales are accessible in black with white font (normal) and white with black font (supplementary). A rupture-proof bellows DPU with essential temperature adjustment actuates the sensor. The moving wheel transmits the movement through the connecting link to the identifying pointer as the torque tube rotates.

The M199 (used with M200) DPU features dual, liquid-filled bellows designed to withstand repeated overranges equal to the safe working pressure of the housings without altering the calibration. In response to changes in the differential pressure monitored at the high and low pressure sides of the primary device installed in the process run, the bellows within the DPU move. The motion of the DPU bellows is mechanically transmitted to the alarm system through a revolving torque tube loop.


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