227A/AS dp indicator

The M227A is used in limited weight and storage applications. Widely used in jet engine test programs, aircraft ground support equipment, heat therapy and air conditioning systems. Many liquefied petrol manufacturers and retailers specify fluid concentration hint of products such as: LOX, CO2, ammonia, oxygen, oxygen, oxygen, and argon. ITT Batron Model 227C in tubular metal (Model 227AS).
The Range can also be adapted without withdrawing the scaleplate. Linearity modifications are available after plate extraction. A Model 224 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU) actuates227A. Model 224C DPU actuates the 227C. See distinct DPU manuals. The sensor is connected straight to the DPU. The instrument comprises of an installation, connection, and motion unit to which the instrument is connected. The sensor consists of a control rod assembly, a link, and a movement module linked to the identification pointer. The DPU bellows notices modifications in air pressure and transmits them to the moving plate device of the indicator as a revolving motion through the petrol tube.
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227A l 227AS

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227A/AS dp indicator

The DPU bellows senses changes in differential stress and transmits rotary motion through the torque tube to the indicator’s push wheel unit.The linkage and motion installation react to guide limb attachment intervention to place the pointer in direct relation to the quantity of bellows travel. 227A/227C is a actuating DPU and an indication (situation installation). A6-inch (152 mm) marker for reservoir temperature, fluid and stress fall across channels. Also present in stainless metal (M227CS).


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