318C dp switch

The 318, 318A and 318C Model are 4 1/2 “differential pressure switches with MIL-S-901C Shock Grade A and MIL-STD-167 vibration criteria. The scale of Model 318, 318A and 318C can be continually upgraded to evaluate differential flow or fluid or square root flow rate.
The Models 316C DP Indicator and the 318C DP Indicating Switch are designed for apps with differential pressure flow and liquid concentration. In the system cycle, the instrument is connected to the elevated and low pressure sides of the primary instrument with tubing. The M381C energizes a single or dual alarm circuit when the recorded DP reaches predetermined boundaries.
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316C l 318C

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318C dp switch

DPU torque pipe shaft rotation is coupled to push the pointer across the scale panel by connecting link within the switch case. An actuating cam, directly connected to the heart of the torque tube, rotates with the motion of the shaft. By pressing and locking the buttons as they move on and off the cam, two rotor feeder roller / actuator frame units, one for each button, respond to torque tube spin. With elevated and low panel switch changes, the DP rates at which the buttons are actuated can be adapted on the scale panel.

Switch contact life is influenced by various application conditions such as temperature, humidity, airborne contamination, vibration, amount of plunger transport, cycling velocity and frequency of plunger transport (and others), as well as electrical (device) characteristics.


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