289A dp indicating switch

General The Model 289A weatherproof is a differential pressure switch. The Model 289A has a watertight die-cast aluminum case NEMA-4 (completed with a weather resistant black epoxy resin coloring). The cap lens is provided in the bezel with an elastomer cap to decrease the chance of accidental breakage. This circuit also functions as a barrier between the bezel and the case to provide the sensor and change system with a moisture, fume and dust-free atmosphere. The big screen lens enables the point of identification to be viewed to its maximum.
Switches and all modifications are readily accessible when the cover is removed. The integrated switches energize single or dual control systems when the compressive stress evaluated exceeds predetermined boundaries. These boundaries can be either complete, minimal, or both.
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289A dp indicating switch

The DPU torque tube rotor rotation is combined to push the pointer across the scale tray by connecting link within the switch case. An actuating cam, directly connected to the heart of the torque tube, rotates with the motion of the shaft. By pressing and locking the buttons as they move on and off the cam, two rotor feeder roller / actuator frame units, one for each button, respond to torque tube spin. With high and tiny panel button changes, the differential stress concentrations at which the buttons operate can be adjusted on the scale tray.

Standard models can have one or two alarm switches. Each switch can be connected to function that is usually opened or closed. The direct-set switch connections can be adapted to a 5-95 percent nominal scale spectrum for SPDT buttons and 6-94 percent for DPDT buttons. The handle rotates in the counterclockwise direction with increased pressure. In Figure 1.2, the tiny switch is positioned at a varying pressure of 25% and the raised button is positioned at a complete stress of 75%


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