274A Remote Pneumatic transmitter

The product line of the ® pneumatic transmitters line combines pneumatic transmitters and indicating or recording controllers. All are intended to serve the most stringent and challenging Oil & Gas Production, U.S. Navy Shipboard, and Process Plant applications requirements. The core of the DP-driven instruments is the rugged ® Differential Pressure Unit (DPU)–containing a time-tested liquid-filled bellows and transmission pipe structure. Models for recording and controlling are also accessible with pressure or temperature actuators.
® Pneumatic Transmitters are powered by the M199 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU), which is also accessible in a NACE licensed variant. ® Pneumatic Transmitters are located in a rough, weatherproof situation that is particularly suitable for use in corrosive fume settings. Continuous purging is accomplished since the driver tube and nozzle emissions inside the situation.
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274A Remote Pneumatic transmitter

Changes in DP are mechanically transferred to the flapper, which includes a tiny constant-feed nozzle. Any shift in the location of the flapper will immediately alter the stress of the nozzle, which in effect regulates the behavior of the controlled2-valve relay to boost or reduce the stress of the input water. A calibrated bellows installation actuated by the input stress helps to reposition the flapper system and establish a state of equilibrium-in this way, the input air pressure differs in direct relation to the differential stress given to the tool or in immediate ratio to the flow rate.

Changes in yield stress do not affect the relay and this leaves it feasible to keep practically steady nozzle stress at any input stress. The working span can be continually adjusted from 100-20 percent of the DP spectrum. Thus a device with a differential strain spectrum of 0-100 “w.c. can be adapted to provide a 3-15 PSI (207 mbar-1 bar) yield message (immediate or inverse) for any period of 0-20” w.c. Range to 0-100 “w.c. (0-50 mbar to 0-248 mbar). The operating span can be shifted anywhere within the range of the differential pressure unit to suppress up to 80 percent of the range.


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