308 Flowmeter pulse transmitter

Similar to the Model 1334 transmitter, the Model 308 transmits a distinct electrical pulse through the Floco meter to indicate the displacement of a specific amount of air. The rate of pulse propagation can be interpreted to determine flow intensity by calculating the pulses representing the total flow.

Increasing pulse is precisely divisible by a factor of ten for Model 308 to enable either very basic or specialized remote devices to translate the pulses into specified units of measurement. Available pulse rates of 1 to 1,000 pulses per barrel or 1 to 100 pulses per gallon can be used to operate electrical clocks, batch clocks or to track pumps, engines, valves or solenoid-actuated equipment in combination with one another.

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308 Flowmeter pulse transmitter

A glass-encapsulated dry reed mechanism is used to actuate the magnetic field of a gear driven magnet. Although the Model 308 transmitter for hazardous conditions is not explosion-proof or approved by an authority, the reed switch is hermetically sealed for use in dangerous areas, as allowed by local electrical regulation. The regular aluminum cast wafer case installs on a Floco meter just below the register. The pulse transmitter is retrofitted easily to existing field meters without recalibrating the meter. The Model 308 Pulse Transmitter includes an integral weatherproof junction box with a three-position terminal stripe which is easily removed in the field.

A specifically built gear train supplies the gear ratios required to obtain the optimal pulse frequency by a glassencapsulated dry reed transfer that is actuated by a gear-driven magnet’s magnetic field. While the Model 308 transmitter is not explosion-proof, the reed switch is hermetically sealed as allowed by local electrical code for use in dangerous environments. The Model 308 wafer-type cast aluminum case stands only below the register on a Floco Meter. The pulse transmitter will quickly be retrofitted into current field meters without recalibrating the meter.


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