McDonnell & Miller Series PFC Liquid Level Controls

The McDonnel & Miller Series 1575 provides continuous protection against a low water condition. Furthermore it satisfies pump control needs for commercial and industrial steam boilers.

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McDonnell & Miller Series PFC Liquid Level Controls

For the actuation of pneumatic valves or relays in heating, air conditioning and process systems in hazardous or non-hazardous locations
Provides an air pressure signal proportional to the liquid level
Available as Direct Acting or Reverse Acting
A float operated armature senses the liquid level
Switch mechanism is completely sealed from the liquid
Two gauges are provided to display the supply and output pressures
Alternate air connection tappings are provided for greater flexibility in piping
Operating range: 1 – 2? (25 – 51mm)
Air pressure
– Supply 20 psi (1.4 kg/cm2)
– Output 3 – 15 psi (.2 – 1 kg/cm2)
Maximum water temperature 406°F (208°C)
Maximum pressure 250 psig (17.6 kg/cm2)



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