CryoScan 60 Remote telemetry system

When the supply of cryogenic items is crucial, ‘s ® CryoScan ® 60 (CS60) Telemetry Device can be assured to provide up-to-the-minute calculation of tank depth. Level details are sent directly to the machine of an operator, maximizing inventory control and distribution times of items.

Continuous tracking and warning system from the CS60 helps alleviate fuel scarcity and eliminates the need for extra inventory deliveries to ensure tank rates are not dangerously low. The CS60 is extremely functional, simple to deploy and cost effective for businesses who handle several chemicals and/or several storage facilities, and applications such as healthcare systems where a continuous supply of cryogenic gas is essential.

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CryoScan 60 Remote telemetry system

Remote sensors extend deployment possibilities, as the sensor and CS60 can now be installed in different positions. The sensor can be mounted near the measuring point, and the CS60 can be placed in a position where the monitor is better displayed. It has never been simpler to display the results. CS60 consumers access data logs straight from their device and no need to import files from a server or data repository from third parties. Built-in alerts warn the operator to a user-specified setpoint when a parameter fall to. An operator may even operate an on-demand status report for immediate analysis of results.

For precise tank level and pressure calculation, the CS60 telemetry device is actuated by a multivariable sensor and transmits data through landline or cellular connectivity (support for both CSD and GPRS communications). The CryoScan PC program offers a robust collection of controls for device setup, data processing functions optimization and report creation from a single host computer. The CryoScan PC facilitates communications to and from a CS60 device while sampling. A user may either manually survey a chosen instrument or automatically search a collection of instruments at preset times. The program transfers any pending configuration updates to the RTU after attachment to a CS60 RTU and collects warning status, collected measurements, and any details that has been retained in the RTU after the last polling. The measuring data collected are deposited on the host PC hard drive in individual RTU log files; their size is constrained only by the usable hard disk capacity.


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