Scanner 2000

In a large-scale SCADA system, observe low-power analysis using a stand-alone Scanner Series 2000 flow device or a Scanner data network. Scanner Series 2000 computers are available for deployment, in wired or wireless setups. Scanner Series 2000 Flow Computers are one of the most powerful fluid measurement instruments present on the market. — system in a robust SCADA network may act independently as a flow unit, RTU, process controller or node. The first-generation EFM flow machine for the Scanner Model 2000 offers a versatile substitute for manual chart recorders and pressure and temperature indications. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at

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Scanner 2000

The Scanner Model 2100 flow machine expands on the Scanner Model 2000 computer technology with SmartMesh ® short-haul wireless sensor networking for cost-effective connectivity with measuring instruments, double the Scanner Model 2000 computer’s battery power, and additional conduit entries. The Scanner Model 2200 flow machine completes the portfolio of Scanner Series 2000 flow computers with a weatherproof box, including sufficient room for a radio or other long-haul communications unit, charging controller or DC power supply, and rechargeable battery for solar power installations.All three flow computers of the Scanner Series 2000 share similar computing capacities, integral lithium battery capacity, and an easy-to-use, full-feature gui program for configuring and retaining. Styles differ in labeling, connectivity, I / O functionality and certifications for dangerous areas.

A self-contained flow machine is an effective alternative to chart recorders, utilizing an incorporated system for differential strain, absolute pressure and temperature measurements. A single Scanner Model 2000 flow device is efficient enough to quantify the air, oil and water from a two- or three-phase separator while attached to external flowmeters. To meet custody transition requirements, the Scanner Model 2000 device complies with an exhaustive set of flow calculation specifications. For cost reduction and effective field commissioning, scanner flow computers may be assembled by factory and fitted to Camero orifice or cone meters. They may also be connected remotely to flowmeters and control systems, like our gas and liquid generator, and ultrasonic flowmeters.



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